About Absolute Containers

In June 2008, Absolute Containers directors decided to combine their 30 years of knowledge and expertise in this field and acquired an existing Shipping Container Business.

With almost a decade of our innovative designs, exceptional service and quality products have earned us consistent expansion in our product lines, client base and geographic footprint.

About Our Team

Our team exists of a mix of people with various skill sets.
Consisting of supply chain management, architecture, construction, engineering, interior decorating, alternative energy and an array of peripheral skills.
This allows us to give you 100% satisfaction with any Shipping Containers you purchase.

What can you expect from Absolute Containers?

Essential to Absolute Containers is the company's owner-management status.

As a result, customers can be confident of a level of service characterised by quick decision-making and a fast response rate that addresses every customer's specific needs.

We realise the value of your time and provide container, storage and mobile accommodation solutions that adhere to the principles of quick turn-around times and efficient service.

Our people know the industry inside out and will provide expert advice and guidance that has been tried, tested and proven to work.

Our product offering reflects the latest technology and trends of which you reap the benefits when choosing Absolute Containers as your preferred provider of shipping container conversions, mobile accommodation, storage units and prefabricated buildings.

Our wide range of Container products include:

Container Types

Our Core Values