Access Control

Access control is the selective restriction of access to a place. An access control point can be a door, turnstile, parking gate, elevator, or other physical barrier, where granting access can be electronically controlled. Typically, the access point is a door. An electronic access control door can contain several elements. At its most basic, there is a stand-alone electric lock. The lock is unlocked by an operator with a switch.

At Absolute Containers we design, manufacture and install an extensive range of high quality access control barriers from shipping containers. We specialise in the field of access control and particularly access control barriers that satisfy our customers' needs for innovative solutions when securing control of access to people and property.

If you need an effective security solution, turnstiles are an essential addition to your access and control plan.

Turnstile access control is often used in factories, warehouses, stadiums, amusement parks, universities, public transport stations, retail sites and casinos. A turnstile gate is ideal for crowd management – providing your location with safety, convenience and efficiency. Factory turnstiles are ideal for securing the premises and integrating with the company's time and attendance system.

We have a wide range of turnstiles for sale as well as turnstile rental options. Designed by professional engineers, our turnstile gates, access control within containers are trusted worldwide.

We strive to ensure that every project is completed on time, within budget and with zero failure, giving your establishment the security and manageability you need.
Ensure that your site is adequately controlled with no unwanted guests by using our turnstile container. Call our team for affordable access control services within your building today.