Container Climbing Walls

Outdoor container climbing walls take the form of free standing towers created with containers panel systems built against the structures. All our container climbing walls are customised to suit your purposes and user groups. This ensures that the container climbing wall meets your specific requirements.

At Absolute Containers all outdoor container structures are built to meet international standards for wall climbing. Outdoor container climbing walls provide flexibility and diversity in terms of the design that can be applied. As a result, design features are only limited by the imagination of the client.

How to Build a Climbing Wall

Building a container climbing wall can be as straight forward or as complex as you like. To build any wall, the steps will generally remain the same. Below is a rough outline of where to start and things to keep in mind.

Step 1: Design - First thing you should do is design your container climbing wall based on the space you have available, your budget and what your goal is with the wall.
Step 2: Gathering Materials - Once you have got your wall designed, it is time to figure exactly what you are going to need to construct it. This will include the Containers along with the tools to put it all together.
Step 3: Building Your Wall - Now you have got what you need in one place it is time to start building.
Step 4: Padding - Sweet! The design you had in mind, then put down on paper is now your very own climbing wall! Now you need some padding to fall on while you are training.

Climbing walls comply with state building codes, and withstand wind loading specification. At Absolute Container we built Africa's highest man made climbing wall at GOG Lifestyle Park Lanseria which has various activities on it including; abseiling, climbing and zip lining.

Call our team today for your custom designed container climbing wall. We can assist in the design of the container climbing wall.