Container Classrooms

Enrollment up? Classroom space running thin? Administrators needing additional office space?
Absolute Containers has the perfect solution. A container classroom is a perfect fit for your space needs. The solution may be one of our standard portable classroom floor plans, or maybe due to your site or specific needs, you require a custom design.

Their inherent versatility means ex-shipping containers make ideal on-site buildings for expanding schools. The low cost of buying and converting containers makes them a much more viable option than building from scratch. Converted containers make excellent container classrooms, but there are other school applications for which they are ideal. Transform them into art studios, music rooms, science labs, nature hides and storage rooms for sports equipment.

Using converted containers makes it possible to set up safe, decent schools at a fraction of the price of brick and mortar buildings. It's also quick and easy to expand the space available to an existing school, adding more container classrooms as they're required to house learners and facilities. Our container classrooms are already used by various organisations throughout South Africa, with excellent results.

Benefits of container classrooms:Absolute Containers performs all conversion work at its own premises. This means you don't have to deal with the noise and disruption associated with having work teams operating on school premises.

Once a school container is ready for use, our team will deliver it to your premises, set it up and ensure that it meets all requirements. Call Absolute Containers for affordable container classrooms