Shipping Container For Sale

Here at Absolute Containers we offer a wide range of new and used containers.

This allows our customers to purchase the right container for their needs.

Whether you need a storage container at home for keeping excess furniture safe and secure, or as a tool shed or office space.

Absolute Containers has a shipping container perfect for your needs.

Types of Plain Containers for Sale

“New” / “one trip” Shipping Containers

Absolute Containers' shipping containers have been shipped to South Africa containing cargo this is in order to reduce shipping costs and thus is referred to as “one trip”.

They may arrive with slight scratches, scuff-marks or minor dents.

But this allows us to give you “new” containers at incredible prices.

As standard, we have:

2nd Hand Shipping Containers

There are also several options available for our used containers, depending on the required use of the container.

Currently in stock is:Other types of used shipping containers are available upon request.

Our top seller used shipping containers are, IICL (shipping worthy) containers as the quality and re- sale of these containers is superior.

Our used container prices vary depending on the age and condition of the box, this enables us to get you a shipping container with in your price range.

Are qualified sales team is able to help you and suggest the best solution for your needs.