Shipping Storage Containers.

Standard Storage Shipping Containers come in several different sizes and door configurations. The most common containers are 8' wide, 8'6” high and come in 10', 20', 40' and 45' lengths. Standard features include 1-1/8” thick marine grade hard wood laminated floors, heavy gauge welded steel sides and roof, double swing cargo doors at one end, forklift pockets, and pressure vents.

Shipping Storage Containers are great for everything! They are extremely strong, virtually theft-proof, weather tight and portable. They lend themselves to small and extreme modifications while maintaining structural strength. They are widely used as a base for large manufacturing projects. The need for Storage Containers is universal. Needed in virtually every industry and sector of life.

We rent, lease and sell our containers and services to all levels of Government, Military, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Manufacturers, Retailers, Construction and Agricultural businesses, and to Private Individuals.
Manufacturers and retailers commonly out grow their facilities and need our storage containers for storing excess inventories of raw goods, finished goods, equipment, extra displays, hazardous material storage, and record storage.
Construction companies enjoy having the security that our shipping storage containers provide for storing their onsite small vehicles, equipment, small tools, supplies and building materials. Many job sites may require an onsite project manager. Those managers need office space to conduct their day to day business. Our offices units for lease are insulated, and finished with a durable surface and trimmed with aluminium. They have Electrical and HVAC systems installed and are ready for onsite hook up.

Storage containers can provide immediate and secure storage containers. Modifications can make them specific to your project needs.

Call Absolute Containers for the best shipping storage containers for your project whether you need to buy or hire it for a couple of weeks or months. We will also deliver the shipping storage container to your site.