Shipping Container Swimming Pools

Owning your own pool can be considered a luxurious feature to your home. Consider South Africa, across the state in 20015 only 8.84% of homes had their own swimming pools. This low figure suggests that only homeowners with high incomes can afford to install pools as apart from the high installation costs there are a lot of maintenance costs that are involved with owning a pool.

Enthusiastic up-cyclers are leading the way in alternative architecture and design by recycling used shipping containers as homes and offices, but if you're not quite ready to live in a shipping container, have you thought about swimming in one? These versatile containers can also be converted into swimming pools at a fraction of the price of a traditional pool.

While acquiring a shipping container as your next swimming pool is a considerably cheaper option it isn't exempt from further costs. Your shipping container will have to be modified, roof will have to be removed, external pumps & filters will need to be installed and the internal structure will have to be waterproofed in order for the pool to be functional & hygienic. It is paramount to take these modification costs into account if there is to be an accurate comparison between shipping container pools & their traditional counterparts (in-ground pools), as the cheapest alternative.

Due to the nature of modification required by your shipping container pool, it's easy to further continue incorporating additional design features to enhance its uniqueness and design sophistication. Design features include but are not limited to, installing glass panels on portions of the walls, finishing the edges with timber and decking around the top of the pool.

Shipping container swimming pools whilst rigid in structure, facilitate numerous options for size and design. At around 2.44m wide, and with lengths measuring to 6m to 12m, your shipping container swimming pool can go into the ground or can be converted into an above ground pool. Pool depth again can vary dependent on your container size and whether you are after a shallow kid friendly pool, or something more aligned for lap swimming.

Deciding on an above ground shipping container pool is the best decision you can make, as it will save a whole lot of time (and money!) because your new above ground container pool will be delivered as a complete product, with little more to do than filling it up with water and hopping in. No having to suffer through weeks or months where your backyard looks like a construction site! Just pick a spot for the container pool and voila, the job is done!

While shipping container swimming pools may seem like an odd concept, evident across the globe are permanent and portable container pools both in homes and pop up events.
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