Container Laboratories

Containerised laboratories are ideal for any kind of exploration or sampling, with its robust strength and mobility a containerised lab is able to offer quick and efficient testing in any environment.

Mobile laboratories applied as medical, biological or chemical-technical facility. They are used for example as medical laboratories that travel from place to place and conduct special analytics that are not omnipresent.

Our laboratories are manufactured to your exact requirements and specifications, we supply local and international lab equipment companies and we have vast knowledge to the exact requirements for a world class lab facility. Laboratories can be manufactured in a 6 meter or 12 meter container, dependant on your space requirements. These Laboratories are fitted with lab benches, electrical reticulation and heat extraction.

We can provide quality laboratory space through shipping container conversions. These steel containers are robust, durable, weatherproof and extremely secure, meaning that all of your research and samples will be safe from adverse weather conditions and potential vandals.

In addition, these containers are easy to transport. Now, with a laboratory constructed out of bricks and mortar this would be impossible, but with a container conversion laboratory it is simple. These containers are easy to transport and because of their durable nature they have the longevity to withstand long distance travel.

Our custom containers act as fully functioning onsite labs and can save the researcher and company millions of Rands in setup and analysis through pre-screening samples onsite. In addition, your turnaround time will improve as you can have a fully functioning lab within hours of arriving onsite, again saving you money. All analysis will be done onsite, meaning that your samples are fresh, as opposed to driving to the closest laboratory and running the risk of contamination in the process.

These container converted laboratories are not only suited to field study, they can also be used as additional, low cost research space in an industrial area. Containers are extremely versatile, so at the end of the day the containers uses stretch only as far as your imagination can take them. We are proud to say that we tailor each container to our customer s specific needs. We offer a variety of specialised features to suit your particular research requirements. Contact our team at Absolute Containers to find out what facility we can offer you, and how it can save you money and improve your research.