Modular Home

A modular home is based on square modular units that can be used as living spaces, “play” spaces or sleeping quarters. The units can be easily joined together in a variety of arrangements to create virtually any home desired. Once a floor plan is laid out, additional decks can be added to the exterior to provide outdoor living space.

What are some advantages of a modular home?

They are quick and easy to create. A modular home is built off site, projects thus has a faster construction speed. Being assembled in conjunction with the foundation preparation. The time saved translates to cost reduction and the owner can occupy the home faster.

Steel and concrete modular constructions are fire resistant and provide more rigidity and load bearing ability. Steel and concrete modular constructions have much more longer life span than traditional homes. Construction is built on a permanent foundation and conforms to all African building norms.

Solar energy systems can be installed on the roofs to provide enough renewable energy for the homes to operate off-grid, which is especially key for remote locations where there are no grid connections.

A modular home is produced at our factories under controlled environments. This process produces less material waste during the production, making it more eco-friendly. Concrete components are made with precision containers and are shipped to the building site for assembly.
Building a modular home may be quick and easy but still require planning from start to finish. The best way to help you with modular home plans is to start shortlisting architects or modular home professionals.

What makes a good modular home?

The modular design concept isn't new but we've reinvigorated and expanded it. Modular implies ease and flexibility. Professionals have taken the best of inspired architectural design and incorporated improved materials. The result is an internationally tested, intelligent lifestyle alternative that's energy efficient, sustainable, cost effective, and stylish.

A modular home can be quite beautifully located near a body of water or rock formation. It is compact and built off-site and then installed. The basis for all modular homes is a modular unit designed for one of three functions—live, sleep or play—that can be arranged in whatever layout is needed to accommodate your needs.

The homes are designed based on sustainable design principles and incorporate low-maintenance materials. They are built in a factory to minimize construction waste and then delivered to the site, where the modules are installed with a minimal impact to the environment.

If you are looking for a quality modular home, give our team a call we can assist you in designing the modular home of your dreams.