Prefab Classrooms

Our determined, hardworking team will design and construct your well insulated, fireproof classrooms from containers so you can educate and train the future of our country in the utmost comfort. You are free to choose your own wall and roof colours, and can further select from a wide range of internal fittings to suit both your taste and budget.

Prefab classroom buildings drastically reduce the time and cost of construction. The building materials used are light yet sturdy, making them easily transportable.

You can rent or purchase our state of the art, efficient, and attractive portable classrooms and prefab classrooms! They provide public schools, private schools, colleges & universities, and modular charter schools with flexible affordable temporary classrooms and permanent modular classroom building expansion in only a fraction of the time.
Prefab classrooms and modular classroom buildings are cost-effective building solutions to accommodate long-term and temporary classroom overcrowding problems.

Expansion of conventional school buildings can be costly and time consuming. Prefab classrooms and permanent modular classroom building construction, provide an economical alternative to alleviate overcrowded school classrooms.

Whether you need a temporary prefab classroom for a short-term need of temporary space to accommodate students, or a permanent modular classroom, built with off-site construction, that seamlessly blends in with your school's existing architecture; Absolute Containers can help with every unique situation and set of specifications.

Our prefab classroom buildings are:Benefits of having a prefab classroom:Call Absolute Containers now for a cost effective yet quality solution for your school now, whether it be a temporary solution or a long lasting solution we can assist you.