At Absolute Container we offer top of the range reefers perfect for various industries that need to transport products that need to remain cold throughout the trip to keep it fresh.

Our reefers are:

Our Reefer shipping containers are available for sale and rent (long-or short-term) with tailor made leases designed to suit your needs.

Various industries require food produce and other products to be kept safe at certain temperatures during transit or storage. That's why Absolute Containers Reefers are thermostatically controlled, and maintained to the highest of standards.
Therefore, they are suitable for the storage of all foods and drinks as well as a number of other applications.

Refrigeration technology plays an important role in our daily lives, especially in the commercial world.
Liquor retailers, department stores, restaurants, florists and even the little grocery shop on the corner all make use of walk-in freezers and coolers.

Walk-in reefers are available for both outdoor and indoor use come in standard sizes or can be custom-made, based on you requirements, optimising the space available.

Temperature Control Ranges:

Meats and Fish, 0°C to -2°C
Frozen storage, -18°C to -25°C
Fruit and Vegetable storage, 5°C
General storage, 2°C

Absolute Containers has the following wide range of cold storage products:

Units can be manufactured:

Choose between our wide ranges of cold storage reefer products:

We deliver all our cold rooms to your site, flat packed.
They are then unloaded and assembled by our trained technicians.

* For a more mobile solution, reefers can be built on a chassis.