Temporary Classrooms Available for Hire and Sale Nationwide

Welcome to Absolute Containers. We have been working in the temporary classroom shipping container conversions industry for over 10 years. Our aim is to provide cost effective modular temporary classroom solutions not only for education but industry and corporate applications as well. We provide quality space that provides a comfortable learning environment.

Our new manufactured modular classrooms are built to comply with all current regulations, we offer a bespoke design and build service to meet your temporary classroom requirements. Double or single classroom layouts, single or multi-story, toilets and disabled facilities, store cupboards and wet and dry areas.

Our refurbished modular classrooms are very high quality and to can be adapted to suit all your requirements by our refurbishment teams. With both hire and purchase options available we have a range of temporary classrooms options for you.

Our temporary classroom buildings are:Benefits of having a temporary classroom:
Flexible Placement: temporary classrooms can be placed almost anywhere on your campus/school. Plus, we can add exterior and interior finishes to blend nicely with your existing campus.

Minimal Disruption: Offsite construction virtually eliminates disruption to your campus/school and lets you keep teaching while your school is being built.

Accelerated Building - The simultaneous manufacturing and site preparation process inherent in permanent modular construction accelerates the build timeline by up to 50% compared to traditional construction.
Cost-Effective Solution - Abbreviated construction times reduce labour costs, while resource-efficient prefabrication makes the best use of materials. The result is a lower cost to you.

Built to Last - The controlled manufacturing environment used in modular construction produces a superior structure that rivals site-built construction.

A full turn-key contract including foundations preparation, building installation, mains connection and disabled access can all be quoted for giving you peace of mind all job will be covered by our team at Absolut Containers.